Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Old El Paso.

Last night we over-nighted at the Fort Stockton Wal-Mart with about 15 other RV's. We arrived at about 8:30pm and were amazed at how many RV's were already assembled at the tiny Wal-Mart. There was a broad range of RV's from a brand new million+ dollar Prevost, to an old conversion van. It was almost just like stopping at an RV park but with no hookups!

Today we are partying at the Freightliner on the Border in El Paso! WooHoo! On the way from San Antonio to Fort Stockton our maintenance reminder told us that our transmission oil and filter change was due. Nancy turned on my netbook and the wifi modem and quickly found us Freightliner on the Border and told them we were on our way.

If all goes well, we should be outta here in a few short hours and on to Deming, NM this evening.


  1. Our verizon wireless UNLIMITED air card has been throttled back and our internet is incredibly slow, so this may end up as a double post. My apologies if that is the case.
    I was trying to ask if you saw us waving as you drove through San Antonio??
    And hope all went well in El Paso. Where in AZ. are you going to be staying?

  2. All did not go well in El Paso....LOL! (We'll be writing about that tomorrow morning) so we took off this morning and headed to Benson AZ. We're staying at Cochise Terrace - which is BEAUTIFUL!!! I think we lucked out and found the best place here by mistake - because it looks like all the other places are too close to the highway (we don't like highway noise) or too close to the train tracks (trains going by every 30 minutes). Cochise Terrace is up high on a foothill overlooking some spectacular views and away from all the noise. Where are you staying now?

  3. Sorry to hear about El Paso.
    We are in Boerne staying at Alamo Fiesta. Boerne is about 30 miles outside San Antonio.

    I'm with you on the highway noise and train noise. No thank you. Glad to hear you found a nice place in Benson. Will look forward to your next post!