Saturday, February 26, 2011

Historic Bisbee Arizona

I must confess, I am a few days late with this post as Nancy and I packed Luke and Leia into the car and went to Bisbee on Thursday. I guess I must be settling into the mañana laid back approach. ;-) Besides, knowing the folks in historic Bisbee, I don't think they mind.

Bisbee is a mix of historic charm and outlandish eccentricity. Around every corner you are just as likely to find 110 year old artifacts of days gone by as you are to find brightly painted "hippie mobiles". The town is abundant with artists and dreamers and evidence of that can be found everywhere.

I've decided to leave the photos in a random blend of history and eccentricity. I believe the randomness gives you a better sense of what the town is actually like. I think the natives of Historic Bisbee prefer it that way as well.
A message of peace can be found in almost any part of historic Bisbee if you look for it.

Irony= Hippie painting laying down "the man's" rules!

A rare sighting of a wild Nancy and her dogs, Luke and Leia! (note the tie-dye shirt)

Massage huh? Doh! not open on Thursdays!

This Cowboy was hand painting a "Do not enter" sign when we arrived. He also took $5 from us to park our car. I guess it's not all about peace love and freedom in Bisbee.

Um, does this qualify as an RV?

No matter how many apples I offered this jack ass he would not move.

This horse fly was right above that donkey though... maybe that is why he wouldn't move.

Street musician on a back alley enjoying his lunch away from the public eye.

And that is my .10 cent picture tour of Historic Bisbee! If you find yourself in the Bisbee area wanting a great hot dog, make sure to hit Jimmy's. See my review here: Jimmy's Hot Dog Company

Thanks to you all for stopping by!

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  1. A really great post! I enjoyed all of the pictures around Bisbee. Also, thanks for the review and recommendation for Jimmy’s Hot Dog Company. Being a Hot Dog lover from “way back” I will generally travel miles out of my way for a good one.


  2. We made a quick stop in Bisbee. Not near long enough so it's someplace we are going to "do" again. And I too love hot dogs. Will definitely try Jimmy's out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Greetings from SE AZ. We must be in the same area atleast for a short time. Love visiting Bisbee. When we are in the area we normally make several trips over. There or Tombstone always allows one to escape the present day and time and move backwards, or time travelers.
    Look forward to seeing you on the road. We are Liberty a Silver Eagle bus conv. pulling a Gold Jeep.

  4. Great job with your photos, makes me want to visit there.

  5. Thanks for all the comments folks! Bisbee is a really cool little town. Some of the neatest stuff is hidden in the back alleys that most people likely never see so be sure to wander around.

    Jimmy's was definitely a good finisher to the day. Nice folks. They came to the area for a three day vacation and have been here ever since!

    Thanks Steve for the compliment on the photos! It means a lot coming from an actual photographer!

    Now I want to go take more pictures!