Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The end to my first winter without snow....

The place, Benson Arizona. 
The date, February 27, 2011.
The event, snow in the desert...

I don't know what this guy is smiling at! I feel more like the coyotes!
Until this, this, thing happened, I was on track for my first ever snow-free winter... Snow follows me everywhere. Seriously, where would you folks like to see it snow next? Egypt? The Sudan? Honduras? Just send me there and wait a little while, it'll come. LOL.

Oh well, next year I'll drive the rig to the US Virgin Islands. If nothing else it will be fun to see how they deal with the snow. (I know you can't really drive to the Virgin Islands)

Does anybody else see anything wrong about this picture?

Pin Cushion? Looks more like "snow hole" too me.

UPDATE: It turns out everything is ok after all! My wife has informed me that this is not snow, but a freak white sand storm! Apparently there was a massive wind storm near Alamogordo NM. and it carried massive amounts of white sand to our area! So I guess all is well after all! Snow-free winter here I come!

Look at this crazy 10 day forecast. Looks like if we survive today, all is well as far as the all seeing eye can see.

Be good everybody!

Have a great day!



  1. Should be in Apache Junction. Rain only. No snow. But still way too cold today for me. The only time I'll head outside is when the girl's tell me they absolutely HAVE to go out. And they had better mean it.

  2. LOL! I hear ya there!

    Luckily, Luke and Leia hate the cold almost as much as Nancy and I. We took them out first thing this morning and unless it warms up I bet they won't want to go out again until 4pm. lol

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Shoulda stayed here. 83° and NO snow. ;)

    You guys can always come back to Livingston, all is forgiven.

    Steve & Mary

  4. Hi Steve and Mary!

    Sure, rub it in.. I knew as soon as Nancy and I left the weather would turn beautiful!

    You're welcome! ;-)

    We are still waiting for that email you promised us...

    We also saw your house, it's gorgeous! You really did a great job. Except for the cold, I don't know why you would ever leave!

    Be good!