Friday, February 25, 2011

Got a morning or afternoon free while staying around Benson, AZ?

If you do, might I suggest taking a short trip out to Gammons Gulch?

Gammons Gulch is the life passion of Jay Gammon. Jay is the son of a man who served as John Wayne's personal security guard. Jay grew up around western movies sets, and even played roles in more than a few. Jay does all the tours himself and loves to entertain guests with stories and jokes he's been part of or heard along the way.

Jay entertains himself by whistling old western melodies as he walks around his town when he is not giving tours. He is a man who is clearly living his dream and his enthusiasm for what he has built is infectious. Jay was not satisfied with building mere facades, nearly every building found in Gammons gulch is filled with memorabilia that he has either sought out or had donated to him. Every single piece has a story and Jay is more than happy to share it with you.

Call ahead before heading out, Jay frequently has Gammons Gulch booked for such things as weddings, private parties and even a few movie shoots. 

Jay also has a pretty nice collection of early 1900's automobile memorabilia onsite.

If you're lucky Jay will regale you with some of his musical talents and entertain you with some tunes from his 100+ year old piano.

Jay keeps a pretty flexible schedule but his hours of operation generally are;
September - May Wednesday - Sunday 9am-4pm
June - August, by appointment only

The tour takes about as long as you can get Jay to talk for (1.5 - 2 hours), it makes a great morning or afternoon trip from the Benson area.

As we walked back to our car, we could hear Jay whistling away as he headed back through his town toward his home. A happy man he is... living his boyhood dream.

Tell Jay Nancy, Noah and the Greyhounds said, Hi!

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