Sunday, February 27, 2011

Palatianos Restaurant- Greek, American, Italian, Food

After listening to weather reports yesterday, Nancy and I figured we would be snowed in today so we decided to stock up on supplies at Walmart down in the valley. While there I stocked up on the essentials that no one should be without while snowed in... Bacon, Ice Cream, 18 extra large eggs, Milk (for the ice cream), Bread, more Bacon... etc. Once all the essentials had been hunted and gathered we decided to stop at Palatianos on the way back and grab some take out for dinner.

Palatianos really packs 'em in pretty good here in Benson, AZ. so we figured they must be pretty good. The restaurant sits on the corner across from Safeway off highway 80. The parking lot is pretty decent sized but usually pretty full too. Inside the restaurant is decorated in a truck stop diner motif. The staff is attentive and friendly.

We could not find their menu on line so we will post it here:

As you can see their menu provides pretty good selection and decent prices. The prices get even better once you realize how GIGANTIC the portions are. Their motto is "The restaurant that leaves the whole family satisfied" and that is for sure the truth. If you are hungry, really hungry, this is your place!

As for the food, Nancy went with the Chicken Parm and I went with the Fettuccine with Chicken and Broccoli. Both servings were, again, huge even as take out (you get even bigger servings when dining in). Nancy's Chicken Parm was a real breast filet of chicken pounded flat and breaded, served over al dente angel hair pasta covered with marinara and cheese. My Fettuccine was served with pan seared chicken medallions and broccoli in a creamy Alfredo sauce. Sounds good doesn't it? Well it was, but I wouldn't go any further than that. I would rate the food quality and taste as average. The chicken was tough and the flavor of my sauce and Nancy's was a bit washed out and bland.

Both meals came with salad and garlic bread (we asked for Blue Cheese dressing and received Ranch) but I'm not sure who could eat the full salad, bread and meal all at once.

Palatianos is a great place to take the family if they are really hungry and want food that is good, even if it is a bit bland.

Side Note: I'm not saying this is related for sure, but I ended up being up half the night with stomach issues. Nancy on the other hand was fine and slept like a baby.

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Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The end to my first winter without snow....

The place, Benson Arizona. 
The date, February 27, 2011.
The event, snow in the desert...

I don't know what this guy is smiling at! I feel more like the coyotes!
Until this, this, thing happened, I was on track for my first ever snow-free winter... Snow follows me everywhere. Seriously, where would you folks like to see it snow next? Egypt? The Sudan? Honduras? Just send me there and wait a little while, it'll come. LOL.

Oh well, next year I'll drive the rig to the US Virgin Islands. If nothing else it will be fun to see how they deal with the snow. (I know you can't really drive to the Virgin Islands)

Does anybody else see anything wrong about this picture?

Pin Cushion? Looks more like "snow hole" too me.

UPDATE: It turns out everything is ok after all! My wife has informed me that this is not snow, but a freak white sand storm! Apparently there was a massive wind storm near Alamogordo NM. and it carried massive amounts of white sand to our area! So I guess all is well after all! Snow-free winter here I come!

Look at this crazy 10 day forecast. Looks like if we survive today, all is well as far as the all seeing eye can see.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Historic Bisbee Arizona

I must confess, I am a few days late with this post as Nancy and I packed Luke and Leia into the car and went to Bisbee on Thursday. I guess I must be settling into the mañana laid back approach. ;-) Besides, knowing the folks in historic Bisbee, I don't think they mind.

Bisbee is a mix of historic charm and outlandish eccentricity. Around every corner you are just as likely to find 110 year old artifacts of days gone by as you are to find brightly painted "hippie mobiles". The town is abundant with artists and dreamers and evidence of that can be found everywhere.

I've decided to leave the photos in a random blend of history and eccentricity. I believe the randomness gives you a better sense of what the town is actually like. I think the natives of Historic Bisbee prefer it that way as well.
A message of peace can be found in almost any part of historic Bisbee if you look for it.

Irony= Hippie painting laying down "the man's" rules!

A rare sighting of a wild Nancy and her dogs, Luke and Leia! (note the tie-dye shirt)

Massage huh? Doh! not open on Thursdays!

This Cowboy was hand painting a "Do not enter" sign when we arrived. He also took $5 from us to park our car. I guess it's not all about peace love and freedom in Bisbee.

Um, does this qualify as an RV?

No matter how many apples I offered this jack ass he would not move.

This horse fly was right above that donkey though... maybe that is why he wouldn't move.

Street musician on a back alley enjoying his lunch away from the public eye.

And that is my .10 cent picture tour of Historic Bisbee! If you find yourself in the Bisbee area wanting a great hot dog, make sure to hit Jimmy's. See my review here: Jimmy's Hot Dog Company

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Got a morning or afternoon free while staying around Benson, AZ?

If you do, might I suggest taking a short trip out to Gammons Gulch?

Gammons Gulch is the life passion of Jay Gammon. Jay is the son of a man who served as John Wayne's personal security guard. Jay grew up around western movies sets, and even played roles in more than a few. Jay does all the tours himself and loves to entertain guests with stories and jokes he's been part of or heard along the way.

Jay entertains himself by whistling old western melodies as he walks around his town when he is not giving tours. He is a man who is clearly living his dream and his enthusiasm for what he has built is infectious. Jay was not satisfied with building mere facades, nearly every building found in Gammons gulch is filled with memorabilia that he has either sought out or had donated to him. Every single piece has a story and Jay is more than happy to share it with you.

Call ahead before heading out, Jay frequently has Gammons Gulch booked for such things as weddings, private parties and even a few movie shoots. 

Jay also has a pretty nice collection of early 1900's automobile memorabilia onsite.

If you're lucky Jay will regale you with some of his musical talents and entertain you with some tunes from his 100+ year old piano.

Jay keeps a pretty flexible schedule but his hours of operation generally are;
September - May Wednesday - Sunday 9am-4pm
June - August, by appointment only

The tour takes about as long as you can get Jay to talk for (1.5 - 2 hours), it makes a great morning or afternoon trip from the Benson area.

As we walked back to our car, we could hear Jay whistling away as he headed back through his town toward his home. A happy man he is... living his boyhood dream.

Tell Jay Nancy, Noah and the Greyhounds said, Hi!