Sunday, February 6, 2011

Can there really be a Super Bowl without the Cowboys?

So the NFL is putting on a game today and they are still calling it the Super Bowl despite the distinct lack of Cowboys playing in the game. How can this be? I think they should just call it "Bowl" and reserve the "Super" part for when the Cowboys play.

Yes, Pittsburgh has had some success in their history... they even won a few of the Cowboys championship trophies... You know the ones they named after that coach from Green Bay... I don't recall how many trophies they won, who's counting anyway, but I suppose they are pretty good.

Pittsburgh has that quarterback, you know the one who is always in trouble with the law, Ben Whataburger or something like that. He seems to be as good escaping the opposing teams rush as he is at escaping prosecution! I think he'll have a pretty good day as long as he can avoid that Clay Aiken guy from Green Bay. What a story this kid is huh? From American Idol to the Green Bay Packers! Somebody better check him for roids because he got huge!
But you know those Packers are always dangerous when Brett Favre is throwing the rock... Hmmm, I don't see Brett's name in any of the headlines... weird... Anyway, they should be fine as long as they don't have to rely on Brett's backup, Aaron "Don't call me Buck" Rodgers.

Whoever is playing QB today for the Pack is going to have to be aware of James "Dirty Harry"son. This guy has received more fines for illegal blows this year than Ben Whataberger has criminal charges filed against him! He is a wrecking machine.

My prediction for today's game is the Steelers by 7. They just have more criminals and thugs on their team than the Packers do. And as the 90's Cowboys teams taught us, the longer the criminal record of a team the better their chances for a championship victory.

Congrats to both of these teams and their fans!

Enjoy the "Bowl"! 

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