Friday, January 14, 2011

Yes Soup For Me!

Greyhounds can be funny creatures. Most folks assume that such athletic looking dogs must be full of energy and require lots of exercise. HA! They didn't earn the moniker of 45 mile an hour couch potatoes for nothing!
Today we took Luke and Leia for a walk down to the Escapees front office to sign up for a propane delivery. It was cold (40's) so they had to wear their jackets. Leia has a long red coat with a turtle neck that comes up around her pinned back ears. Luke has a brown fleece with super-macho, multi colored polka dots all over it (I didnot pick this out. ;-p). The folks around here know us primarily by our dogs. The usual comment is, "Here comes Luke and Leia!" or "How are the Greyhounds today!", most people don't even see us there with them LOL. Well, today in their fancy coats was certainly no exception to that rule.
The walk from our rig to the office is a little over a quarter mile and it was about 10:30am as Nancy an I set out with the dogs. Along the way both dogs like to explore the various smells and check out whats going on in the dog news today. Luke will usually ad some of his own comments to the daily array of doggie blogs found along the way. Today they must have sniffed some bad news because about half way to the office they both decided they had walked far enough! By the time we had dragged their considerable girth the rest of the way to the office and back to the rig it was 11:45!
Fast, athletic dogs my foot! ;-)
For tonights dinner, Nancy and I decided on a nice soup to warm our bodies on this chilly East Texas day. Nancy got out the crock pot after arriving home from our dog drag, and began to assemble our Chicken Tortilla Soup. Her first step was to dice the onions. Jeannie is apparently not a fan of the smell of freshly diced onion as she demonstrated by discarding a hairball in the middle of the kitchen floor. I took care of the mop up duty as Nancy continued preparing ingredients.
Next Nancy minced up some garlic and fresh cilantro while pouring the chicken broth into the slow cooker. The rig quickly began to fill with all the wonderful aromas from the fresh ingredients. It's gonna be tough to wait for this treat until dinner!
Dinner time finally came and boy was it worth the wait! All day I smelled that delightful southwestern soup stewing away in that slow cooker. Now there was a steaming bowl full sitting in front of me with 2 pieces of buttered wheat bread and a bottle of Shiner Spring Ale to wash it all down.
The first spoonful provides you with an explosion of southwestern flavors. The corn, cilantro, onion, pepper and a hint of lime. Then comes the spice. This is a soup that will give you the *sniffs*. Spicey but not overpowering in any way. Mopping the bowl with the buttered bread was the icing on the cake!
This is the perfect finishing meal to a chilly south western day in East Texas!

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