Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thai for dinner

It's finally warming up again. I know compared to most of the country it never got cold, but for this area the last few days have been pretty chilly. Today the turnaround began. Unfortunately, the turnaround is bringing in some rain, but the area really needs it. The last few months have been well below the average precipitation.

We have a few neighbors who we thought were real live Cowboys. As it turns out, none of them are original to the area. Two are from the northeast (NY) and one is from Georgia. If you saw these guys running around the park in their four wheel utility vehicles, all dressed in full cowboy regalia, you would swear the rodeo was in town. After talking to them for a while, we found they all realized that they had always really wanted to be cowboys, but living in the parts of the country they did, they just never had the opportunity to go full boat so to speak. Now that they are down here they are making up for lost time.

I have to say, I feel a lot like they do. I've always romanticized about being a cowboy in the old west. Sleeping out under the stars... Riding around on horseback, out on the open canyon lands... Now I'm really looking forward to getting to live out some of that fantasy! Only I'll probably swap my motorcycle for the horse, and instead of sleeping under the stars, I'll be in my rig on my memory foam mattress! lol

Tonight for dinner Nancy again called on the kitchens of Annie Chun's to bring us a wonderful Thai Basil Chicken over sticky rice. I have to say, I was a bit apprehensive when I saw exactly how much basil went into this meal, but the flavor.... the aroma.... mmmmm.... so nice!

We have, so far, been very pleased with all the Annie Chun's items we have sampled. I really look forward to the next opportunity we have to sample another.

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