Friday, January 14, 2011

Dinner BBQ Pulled Pork

People who see us outside with our greyhounds (Luke and Leia) often ask us how we can live in our 400 sq ft motorhome with a 65 and 84 pound dog. When we tell them that we also have 2 one-eyed kitties (Ferris and Jeannie) waiting for us back in the rig they usually can't imagine it. It's really not as chaotic as one might imagine.

Jeannie and Ferris spend most of their time basking in the sun on the dash. Our Winnebago Vectra has a pretty expansive dash (as do many class A coaches) and we make it more attractive for them by putting a bed spread and some purr pads up there for them to enjoy. The huge glass windshield allows them to have a commanding view of everything going on in the park. It's really the next best thing to being outside.

Luke and Leia, as I have mentioned in previous posts are really couch potatoes. While they are inside the coach they both either choose a section of the reclining coach or one of their dog beds to snooze on. Sure occasionally they have a little tug of war over a toy to snooze with, but for the most part snoozing is the order of the day.

It's really been an eye opening experience to realize that we can be so comfortable in such a small space, especially since we came from a large house. It's amazing the things we allow to occupy our lives that we just don't need and never miss when they are gone. Nancy and I have learned that we have what we need and if we decide to "upgrade" or make a change the thing being "upgraded" or changed simply needs to be donated or thrown out. We simply do not store what we aren't using or won't use regularly. It's very liberating.

So, if you have been paying attention (and I know you have), you know that tonights dinner was another slow cooker treat, BBQ Pulled Pork. I had mine on a pair of Kings Hawaiian Mini-Sub Rolls with a few slices of provolone cheese. Delicious! The slow cooked pork was super tender and well soaked in the Famous Dave's BBQ sauce. The first bite gave a nice tangy sweet flavor in addition to the saltiness of the pork. The more bites I took the more the addition of the spicey Devils Spit sauce started to build up leaving a warmth on my lips. And too me, that is the real secret to good BBQ, lots of flavor with a spiceyness that builds but never becomes overpowering.

The best part is we have a decent amount leftover for lunches over the next few days!

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