Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's for lunch?

Why BBQ Pulled Pork of course!!! It was just as tasty today as it was yesterday!

I figured I would take this opportunity to post a few picks of our rig so that folks reading have an idea of what life is like inside with our whole menagerie.
This is our entire convoy parked at the Trinity Site. The trailer is a "Tandem Tow" Dolly, it's designed to have a space in front of the car dolly portion to tow a motorcycle. On the dolly I have my Honda VTX and my wife's Honda Fit. We also have a Yakima bicycle rack attached with a hitch splitter that carries our two Electra beach cruiser bikes. 
This is our bedroom. We just recently added a 12" memory foam mattress. It was an excellent addition.
 (especially since we have to share the bed with Leia and usually at least 1 kitty)

The back end of our rig with the slides out. Inside those louvers is where that big Cat diesel resides.

This is our dinette and our power reclining sofa. I had forgotten how nice it looks (we normally cover it with a bedspread to keep the dogs from messing it up). lol

This is a shot of our armoire in our bedroom. The entire bedroom slide is devoted to it. It actually gives us too much room for clothes.

This shot is of our primary living space. The desk in the lower left corner was custom added. It works perfectly for Nancy to use for all her internet activity. It has the largest window in the coach (besides the windshield) right in front of it so she has a nice view of the outdoors while browsing on her twenty inch flat screen monitor. (if your ever wondering why the formatting is off on this blog, I only have a tiny netbook to work with. Love you sweetie!)

The rig is powered by a Caterpillar diesel engine with an Allison six speed on a Freightliner chassis. It has air ride suspension, air brakes, air horns and an electronic engine brake. On the roof we have 3 BP 90 watt solar panels and one 20 watt trickle charge solar panels. The chassis has two full size lead acid batteries and the house has four. The rig also has a 7200 watt diesel generator by Onan and a 3000 watt inverter charger. It can carry 89 gallons of fresh water, 48 gallons of gray water and 46 gallons of black water as well as 100 gallons of diesel fuel. It makes for a nice comfy self contained home on the road.

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