Thursday, March 17, 2011

El Guero Canelo, Tucson AZ (Sonoran Dog)

Yesterday, Nancy and I got another craving for hot dog. A ride back to Jimmy's in Bisbee would be out of the question so we decided to review our options locally. After a extensive search of the area we decided to try El Guero Canelo located at 5201 S. 12th ave here in Tucson.

El Guero Canelo is a very popular place and as you can see from the picture of the menu above, they serve a lot more than just hot dogs. But that's not why we went. We went to sample the "Sonoran Dog".

A Sonoran Dog, for those not in the know, is a bacon-wrapped, char-broiled, hot dog, stuffed into a home-made, sweet, steamed bun, smothered with pinto beans, tomato's, onions, mustard, jalapeno sauce, and mayo. We ordered ours "Sammy Style" which means you get two dogs in one bun. I highly recommend this as the toppings can overwhelm the dog if you only have one in the bun.

I can best describe the Sonoran dog from El Guero Canelo as a fiesta in a bun! The hot dogs are served blazing fresh off the grill. The toppings are fresh and cool and the bun is warm, soft and sweet.

If you find yourself in the Tucson area and craving a dog with a Sonoran flair, stop by El Guero Canelo and order a "Sammy Style" Sonoran Dog. You'll be happy you did!

Have a great day!

Be safe!



  1. I would never have thought about going to a Mexican place for a hot dog. Have to keep that in mind the next time we go down to Tucson.

  2. Oh my, those dogs look so good!!! Hotdogs are one of my favorite foods. When I am there in the area next, I will look up El Guero Canelo. Thanks for the delicious review.


  3. Ya sure go me a wonderin' what the Florida equilibrient of the "Sammy Style" Sonoran Dog is, seein' as you's they're and we's hear.