Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fairbank Historic Townsite, AZ

Fairbank AZ. was the nearest train depot to Tombstone when it was formed in 1881. The construction of the New Mexico and Arizona railroad brought the town into existence. The town clung to existence until the 1970's when it's last few inhabitants left.

Today all that remains of Fairbank are a few broken down buildings and their rattlesnake inhabitants.

The BLM took over over the land in 1986 and created the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. The San Pedro Riparian includes some 56,000 acres including 40 miles of the San Pedro River.

The old Fairbank train station was moved to Tombstone and the Faribank School House was restored onsite.

There are numerous trails in the San Pedro Riparian for hiking and riding (mountain bikes or horses). Nancy and I decided to take the one that lead from "downtown" Fairbank to the old Fairbank Cemetery. The trail is not far and is well marked. Luke and Leia did complain about the lack of shade though, so bringing water is a very good idea, I know they sure appreciated it.

The old cemetery sits atop a hill and affords excellent views of the surrounding area. I could see why folks would choose this area to be buried. Unfortunately, the cemetery itself is pretty run down and not well maintained.

If you have ever watched an old western were a cowboy needs to bury a companion or family member, this cemetery is that place. It's exactly what an old western director would look for. You can just see the old cowboy throwing the last rocks on the pile and then kneeling in front of the wooden cross as the sun sets behind the hills.

Judging from the latest news, I believe this is where the CBS execs plan on burying Charlie Sheen's career!

And on that note, I shall bid you all adieux!!!

Have a great day!


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