Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moving Day!

(This is Nancy who is guest writing tonight)

Today was moving day.  We left Cochise Terrace in Benson this morning (we hated to leave - we just loved it there!), filled up with fuel ($3.97/gal!!!) and headed north to Tucson.  We decided to try Justin's Diamond J RV Park.  We liked the idea that it borders 40,000 acres of public land and that there are trails from the park into the desert.

When we arrived at the park, we were greeted by a wonderfully friendly woman named Christine (one of the owners) who gave us our choice of open spaces.  We picked our spot and settled in.  Each spot is very wide (although not very deep - we had to disconnect our tow dolly) and separated by nice native desert flora - giving you a sense of privacy.

So far everyone seems very friendly here and the owners take great pride in their park.

Noah took the car to Chapman Honda for it's scheduled service.  They seemed very attentive and even found a nail in the tire that we didn't see and fixed it for free.  They got him in quickly, they got him out quick, they didn't charge much or hit us with lots of extras and if you ever happen to be in Tucson and have a Honda - we recommend them highly.  A+ for service!

For dinner I made Chinese Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.  We love to try new recipes and thought this sounded good.  (It was!)   Last night I made Chicken Lazone - another new recipe - and we couldn't stop talking about it.  I think we'll probably make it again this week - it was that good.

We're now waiting until about 10pm to go look at the stars.  Several people staying here told us that the view at 10pm is incredible.  We thought the skies in Benson were pretty good for viewing stars at night - but so far nothing has topped the skies we saw in Cloudcroft New Mexico at night - so we'll see.


  1. We are parked far enough outside of Las Vegas that the stars are beautiful here tonight. And we have a fantastic view of the lights in the valley.

  2. Hi Jim and Sandie!

    That sounds lovely! Jewels in the sky and jewels on the ground!

    The stars here last night were good, but not as good as either Cochise Terrace in Benson or certainly not as good as Cloudcroft, NM. In Cloudcroft you could easily see the Milky Way.