Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunrise- The Day After

While some areas in the mid-west experienced near record heat yesterday, we here in Arizona experienced a nasty, early spring, winter storm. Snowfall came to altitudes as low as 2500 ft. Areas in Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon received as much as 2 feet!

Here at Dead Horse Ranch in Cottonwood, we received snow, sleet, rain and freezing temps but it only stuck in the surrounding mountains. A few days ago temps were record highs at or over 100 degrees. This morning, when these pictures were taken, temps were in the low 20's.

View of Cottonwood from Dead Horse Ranch, sunrise - the day after.

Looking over our rig toward Jerome.

Frozen car, I thought I left this stuff behind in New England!
Our plan was to have been boondocking in Kaibab this past weekend while enjoying the Grand Canyon. We are both really glad we paid attention to the weather and decided to remain here at Dead Horse Ranch for this storm. The question now becomes, how long will it take for the recent snow to clear enough for us to continue our trek to the canyon?

Stay tuned...

Have a great day!


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  1. Hopefully this week the weather will start to improve again. Spring has been rather a tough season throughout the country. And now all those fires in Texas. Hopefully you get to the canyon shortly. And get OUT of the SNOW.